How To Fix a Blown Fuse in A Home – DIY Guide for Homeowners

A blown fuse is something that almost every house has had to deal with. It is a relatively easy problem to fix if you have the right equipment, technical expert advice, and the willingness to DIY.

A blown fuse in a house is one of the residential homes' most common electrical issues. And while you can DIY a broken fuse, it is highly recommended to get electrical services, especially if you're unsure the problem is indeed a blown fuse. 

How To Tell If a Fuse Is Blown 

You might be wondering, “what does a blown fuse look like in a house?” This question is essential if you have a fuse box/pane instead of a panel breaker. Fuse boxes can be found in many old homes, while circuit breakers are usually found in modern homes. 

You will know that a breaker box fuse is blown when the metal piece inside the bulb is melted, discolored, or there is a gap between the inside wire. In other fuse-blown scenarios, the fuse may not be blown but popped instead. As a result, the fuse may look fine, but it’s still unable to pass power. In this case, using a multimeter allows you to learn how to know if a fuse is blown definitively. 

An electrical wire joint connection in a box that is part of a breaker box fuse electrical system

Reasons For a Blown Circuit Breaker Fuse - Importance of Fuse Box

Overloaded Circuit

Overloaded circuits are the most common cause of blown fuses. Connecting too many appliances or simultaneously turning on too many lights heats the extension cord, causing a house fuse box to blow. 

Faulty Appliances

Faulty appliances with loose wiring can also blow your fuses, leading you to search how to fix a blown fuse in a plug. You should call an electrician to check your appliances if you’re unsure which faulty appliances are causing the broken fuse.

Short circuit

A short circuit occurs when an electric current flows through an unplanned shorter path. This scenario is caused by two live electrical wires touching. A short circuit is dangerous to both your house fuse box, electrical equipment, and people. 

What To Do When Fuse Blows in Your House – The Repair Options You Have

You might be wondering, “what happens when a fuse blows?”

Fire hazards, broken equipment, and lost power are some possible consequences of a blown fuse. 

When a fuse blows, your options are:

  • Call an electrician
  • Switch back the breaker that has moved from on to off – if you have a circuit breaker (electrical panel) instead of a house fuse box 
  • Fix the blown fuse

Six Steps on How To Fix a Blown Fuse in A House 

Ensure you have a new fuse with the same breaking capacity, type, amperage, and rating. Following electrical safety practices are also an essential part of learning how to replace a blown fuse. These electrical safety practices include wearing rubber gloves and ensuring your hands are not wet. 

Turn Off Lights and Unplug Appliances

This step will ensure your new fuse doesn’t get overloaded by the appliances. 

Turn Off the Main Power

This keeps you safe by cutting power flow to the breaker box fuse

Locate The Blown Fuse

Use the points discussed above to identify the blown fuse. (How to tell if a fuse is blown)

Remove The Blown Fuse

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the blown fuse and remove it from the fuse box.

Screw New Fuse

Screw the new fuse into the electrical socket and remove the broken fuse. 

Restore Main Power

Once the new fuse is in place, power your house back on and check if the new fuse is working properly. You can do this by plugging in a few appliances to confirm the connection’s stability. 

If everything works fine, you have succeeded in trying to fix a blown fuse. However, in some cases, the fuse may blow even after the replacement and reset of the fuse box. 

A home electrical panel box with fuses. Find out what happens when a fuse blows in a home power box.

Home Repair Tip: How to fix a fuse that keeps blowing

If you already know how to change a fuse, but the problem persists, you should call an electrician to inspect your home's electrical system. 

Fixing a blown fuse in your house can be a dangerous affair. A professional electrician can fix your electric issues and bring light back to your home safely. 

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