Electricians with over 10+years of experience on the Job every time!

Electricians with over 10+years of experience on the Job every time!

MCCARRICK Electric is a family owned and operated electrical contractor specializing in residential and small commercial electrical. Being the owner I also work in the field. We send out a licensed electrician to do any and all services, so you get top notch electrical services for your home and or small commercial projects. With 10+ years of experience in electric troubleshooting, install, and NEC codes you can see hiring MCCARRICK Electric would be your best option.

We are based out of Commerce City CO, but serve the better parts of Denver and the surrounding areas. We take pride in our work and care about the people we give our services to. And you should care about who does your electrical due to the severity of the consequences of a bad install, such as a fire breakout in your home or small commercial building.


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