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McCarrick Electric, a licensed electrical contractor, is a family owned and operated business, always at the service of our clients and ready to show them how to install outdoor lighting.

A reputable electrical contractor will help clients not only with professional services, but also with helpful advice on simple how-to projects, such as installing landscaping lights. Many people are interested in outdoor lighting installation for the pathway to their home or garden light installation. It is a simple and fun DIY project which will add curb appeal to any house.

Thus, we decided to create a simple step by step guide for wiring landscape lighting and testing the outdoor lighting installation. However, remember that if you don’t get the results you were expecting, an experienced electrician can help you with outdoor wiring for lights.

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How to Install Outdoor Lighting along Pathway and in Garden

For your outdoor lighting installation a low voltage (12V) system is quite sufficient. It will create a magical landscape around your house and it is safe to work with. Even in case of small accidents, you will not be in danger.

These being said, here is how to install landscape lighting at the exterior of your home:

Step 1: Mark and Clear the Land

First of all, you should clear the entire area where you want to install light wiring from debris, outdoor furniture, etc. Using a brightly colored spray paint can, trace the pathway for outdoor wiring for lights. You should also mark any irrigation pipes and high voltage wiring, in order to avoid damaging them during the process of outdoor lighting installation.

For the best results, first prepare a diagram for installing landscaping lights, starting with the placement of the transformer.

Step 2: Assemble Fixtures

The wiring and connectors for garden light installation are sold separately, or as kits. In both cases, they require assembling, which is very easy to do if you follow the instructions. If you find this step difficult, call an electrician to help you make the connections correctly.

Step 3: Mount the Voltage Transformer

The transformer for landscape outdoor wiring for lights needs to be mounted:

With 1 foot of clearance in every direction

At least 30 feet away from any water feature

On a surface that withstands high temperatures.

At the same time, the transformer should be placed in an easily accessible area at the exterior of the house, for maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing purposes.

Step 4: Make Trenches for Wires

The next step involves some elbow grease: you have to pick up the shovel and start digging trenches following the marks you made with the spray paint can. This is the most laborious part of installing landscape lights, but you have to keep the end result in mind. When you are finished, the garden light installation will turn your backyard into a fairyland. 

Step 5: Connect Wires and Fixtures

Lay the wiring along the trenches, and connect the fixtures and the light bulbs. Attention! Even if you believe that the outdoor lighting installation was successful, do not bury the wires before you test the landscape lighting installation.

Step 6: Test and Adjust the Garden Light Installation

Finally, wait until the night to turn on the outside low voltage lighting system. Make any necessary adjustments and tighten any loose connectors, as necessary. When everything looks great, you can start burying the wires.

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An Experienced Electrician Can Help with Outdoor Wiring for Lights

Not everyone is skilled at DIY work. This does not mean that you should not have beautiful garden light installation around your house. An experienced electrical contractor is always ready to help you plan and install the outdoor wiring for lights. 

You will enjoy professional installation using high quality products and benefit from warranty both for materials and workmanship. The end result will be spectacular: your driveway and garden will be beautifully lit, putting into focus the landscaping elements that you want to showcase during the night.

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