Here Are the Reasons Why You Experience Flickering Lights in House

Is your house lighting flickering? Well, don't panic. This is a common problem. Here are some of the most common reasons for flickering lights in the home.

You know the feeling: you're in a room, and all of a sudden, your light flickers. You can hear it flickering, too—creaking and groaning, like it's not sure what to do with itself. You trust that you hired the right guys for electrical services, but you decide to look around your neighborhood to deduce the cause of flickering lights. Only to realize that no one seems to have such an electrical problem.

And then it hits you: your house is haunted!

House lights flickering should be fixed by a professional to avoid the risk of DIY electrocution.

Well, before you conclude about your home being haunted, you might want to look up why is my light flickering on the internet? Bulb blinking is totally normal and doesn't mean your house is haunted. It's just the lightbulbs that are on the fritz! Here are some of the most common causes:

What Causes Flickering Lights - Here is What Causes Power to Go Out For a Few Seconds

Dim or blinking lights in your living space can be a little bit of a nuisance when you switch them off. They lead to eye strain and are potentially dangerous. Here is an explanation of what causes house lights flickering:

1. Loose Light Bulb

If you are wondering what causes a light to flicker when turned on in your house, it could be because your light bulb is loose.

If you have a light bulb not screwed into the socket securely, it can vibrate or move around and cause flickering. This will also happen if you unscrew it too much and then try to reinstall it.

2. Type of Bulb

Another reason that explains “why are my lights flickering in one room” is that some bulbs are prone to flickering. Most incandescent light bulbs, halogen lamps, and fluorescent tubes flicker because they use tungsten filaments, which can heat up when exposed to humidity. 

If you have different bulbs in each room, then some may flicker while others don’t. When you notice that your lights are flickering more often than usual in a certain room, here is how to fix flickering lights in house: Replace the bulbs.

3. Dimmer Switch Bulb

If you are wondering what causes lights to flicker and dim, then dimmer switches are among the leading roots for this problem. 

When a dimmer switch is malfunctioning, it can result in flickering lights. If you notice flickering light on the ceiling or in your hallway and you've tried to fix the problem with a new bulb. Make sure the bulb is compatible with your dimmer switch. 

4. Circuit Overload

Circuit overload is another cause of flickering lights. It occurs when there is too much current in the circuit. A common mistake people make when wiring their homes is to use too many outlets in one area and not enough outlets in other areas. This can cause a fire hazard and can also result in flickering lights.

5. Voltage Change

Voltage is measured in volts, and it's what makes our bulbs function. When there is a sudden change in voltage, the current flowing through a circuit can fluctuate, causing some parts of the circuit to turn on or off more than others. It causes our lights to flicker because they are not getting enough voltage to sustain their normal level of brightness.

Loose wiring and poor quality cables can also be what causes lights to flicker and dim in your home

6. Loose Wiring Connection

When a light bulb is connected to the circuit, it sends current through the wires. The current travels through the wires until it reaches a socket, where it transfers to its final destination. If you have an outdated electrical wiring system with loose connections, there may be too much or too little resistance in the system, causing it to flicker.

Turn to a Professional for the Cause of Flickering Lights

Are you wondering how to fix flickering lights in your house? If so, you're not alone! Fading light bulbs can be a real nuisance.

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