A Guide to an Electrical Panel Upgrade for Your Home

Overloaded circuits can lead to fatal consequences. Avoid potential electrical hazards and upgrade your panel according to the actual power demand of your home. Keep a lookout on these common signs.

Have you recently considered an electrical panel upgrade? Are you aware of the signs that you may need an upgrade? There are several reasons why you should be replacing your electrical panel. Many homeowners neglect the significance of this upgrade, eventually costing more down the road. Don’t make the same mistake! Ensure that the panel is operating effectively. If you end up encountering any electrical issues, turn to McCarrick Electric, your trusted electrical contractor

Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel? Here’s Your Answer

Since the electrical panel is linked with the entire electrical system, many problems can arise due to faulty panels. The damage from a malfunctioning panel will likely spread throughout the house. You wouldn’t want such problems if you are hosting a special event at your home. For this reason, look out for the signs that you may need an electrical panel upgrade. 

Our professional experts can modify or replace the electrical panel box for your needs

Burning Smell or Sparks

Occasional sparks are not a cause of concern but if you experience frequent sparks, then replacing your electrical panel could be the right solution. Often faulty circuit or wiring problems cause sparks. Talk to an electrician if you see discolored or warm outlets.

Lights That Dim or Flicker When You Turn On Other Appliances

When your residential electrical panel is not properly equipped to handle electrical needs, you will experience a flicker or dim light. This happens due to an overloaded circuit that tries to direct electricity from other parts of your home to the appliances. An electrical panel upgrade is essential to fix overloaded circuits.

Electrical Shocks

Improperly installed wiring or defective wiring can cause mild shocks. There is a risk of electrical leakage. When you touch the switch or outlet, you may receive an electrical shock. An electrical panel upgrade can ensure safety.

Breakers that Trip Frequently

Replacing your electrical panel is the right solution when your breaker trips frequently. The circuit breaker trips due to overload. In older panels, you may also hear a cracking sound. This is a sign that you need an electrical panel upgrade. The circuit breakers are designed to turn off electricity to protect from overload. When the panel does not support the required electrical flow, you will experience frequently tripped breakers. With our professional services, replace your insufficient electrical panel.  

When Your Electrical Panel is Very Old

The performance of your electrical panel can deteriorate over time. Often, the electrical wiring of old houses becomes faulty, creating more safety risks. The lifespan of the panel depends on several factors, including wear and tear over time, power surges, and manufacturer defects. You will be needing an electrical panel upgrade if the panel is over 25 years old. If you are not experiencing any problem with your old panel, it is always a good idea to have an electrical inspection. 

The old electrical service panel inceases the chance of appearance of safety risks

Types of Electrical Panel Upgrade and Replacement

The cost of an electrical panel upgrade or replacement depends on the changes that you need and whether you want to increase amperage, add more circuits, or switch a fuse box. On average, the cost of an electrical panel upgrade ranges from $500 to $1700. 

Upgrading to a Higher Amp

To accommodate higher energy demands you will have to upgrade the electrical panel. It will ensure increased safety for you and your loved ones. Utilizing electricity to its maximum capacity can cause overload. The standard 200-amp electrical panel box should cater to the power demands. Its cost ranges from $1,300 to $3,000. If you want to upgrade your panel meter box, the cost will be different. Meter box upgrade provides more accurate readings and added safety. 

Secondary Electrical Panel

If you want to add power to new rooms and increase the number of circuits, you can install a secondary electrical panel box. It costs around $500. An experienced professional must calculate the power demand of your house. It varies according to home size and the appliances. The cost increases if the power supply line requires an upgrade. A fuse box flips and prevents fire due to overload. However, fuses require replacement. Each fuse costs around $5-$40. With circuit breakers, the power can be targeted and turned off in specific areas. The electrical panel turns off the current by throwing a switch, you can turn the switch back on to reset power.

Can A Homeowner Replace an Electrical Panel? Here’s What You Can Do

If you are wondering can a homeowner replace an electrical panel, then the answer is yes. However, it is best to hire an expert professional to deal with all the electrical work to ensure effective results and safety.

To have an effective result while changing a circuit breaker, look for an expert

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