The Answer to Why Your Electronic Dimmer Switch Gets Hot

Don’t let broken electronic dimmer switches create unwanted problems within your home. Have them repaired by experienced professionals at McCarrick Electric.

Electronic dimmer switches are a part of every household. They help to set the lighting according to one’s mood and preference. However, these dimmers can easily get overheated. So, if an electrical light switch gets hot or you feel that it's emitting heat, there is certainly a problem. In such circumstances, calling an electrical contractor is a must. 

McCarrick Electric has a team of excellent professionals who can handle almost any task without an issue. This family-operated company has over 25 years of working experience. Fixing problems of dimmer switch plates is not a difficult job especially for our team.

Is a Warm Light Switch a Problem?

You want to be in control of the lighting and settings in your home. Usually, electronic dimmer switches work perfectly at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. However, they can sustain a much higher temperature as well. As long as the heat is not felt by the people around, there isn’t an issue. Even a warm light switch isn’t a problem as long as the component can be touched. 

Only when the dimmer switch warms up to such an extent that an individual is unable to come near it, then there is a huge problem. If you aren’t able to touch the electronic dimmer switch for more than a second, you’ve got a problem. With lights switched on for longer durations, it's natural for dimers to get a little warm, but it still should not exceed a certain limit. So, you don’t need to call an electrician if your home dimmers are slightly warm. Get in touch with a professional only when the device is too hot or emitting unbearable heat. 

Top Reasons Why Your Dimmer Switch Gets So Hot

If you are wondering as to why does my dimmer switch get hot, there are actually multiple reasons behind it: 

  • The switch might be overloaded. Every socket has a limit on how much load it can handle. Overloading can result in an extreme fire, so read the power level before plugging in something. Too many devices working at the same time generate high amounts of heat. If you connect more bulbs to an electronic dimmer switch, then it can bear then the risk of burnout increases exponentially. 
  • The switch might be failing. Just like other components in your home, switches also face wear and tear. Often sparks are accompanied when switching on and off such devices. The excessive flow of current creates unnecessary heat. Thus, the dimmer switch gets hot. 
  • Loose wiring or improperly adjusted double dimmer light switches can also be a reason for dimmers to get warm. Loose or broken wiring cause sparks and heating within the system. Sometimes, massive fires can break out in a room if the issue isn’t fixed in time. Faulty wires should be checked by licensed technicians. 

Light switches that get hot or emit too much heat, can also melt down. If you feel that the plastic casing is melting or there is a burning smell within your house, address the issue immediately. 

Dimmer switches get warm for multiple reasons. They can handle wattage to a limit, so excessive power can cause overheating. Most homeowners prefer such devices due to their energy-efficient nature, but one needs to check whether the wattage within the home is ideal for them or not. A little warm feeling isn't harmful, but if the dimmer light switch gets too hot to even touch, the switch needs checking. 

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As told earlier, an excessively warm light switch can cause a fire within the room or affect the entire circuitry of the house. Plugging in too many devices or loose wiring are two reasons for potential burnouts. Don't risk the lives of the people around you and call an electrician as soon as possible. When an electronic dimmer switch in your home doesn’t cool down even after being switched off for a long duration, the problem needs thorough checking. So, don't exert yourself and get in touch with professionals.

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