Top Winter Energy-Saving Tips: Save Money and Live Your Best Life!

Saving energy in winter is not rocket science but it can seem complex for those who have never tried before. These 5 tips can help you reduce your bills and ensure your family remains comfortable.

As the cold season makes its presence known, chances are you have already cranked up the heating and are wondering how to reduce electricity bill in winter. You have a serious problem on your hands if you think about it. You cannot reduce the heat because your family will freeze if you do and you cannot crank it up too much or you will go in the red before month’s end. An electrical contractor can help you ensure nothing breaks down, but you can do a lot to reduce your bill yourself by following our winter energy-saving tips. 

Here Are 5 Ways to Save Energy at Home 

The good news is that you can save energy in winter by following a few simple tips:

Insulate the Attic and Seal the Doors and Windows 

The first often overlooked tip on our list of electricity-saving tips is insulating your house. To ensure optimal energy efficiency, your home should be insulated from the top-down, i.e. from the roof right down to the foundation. For example, the floor joists of the attic should be insulated properly so that all of the living spaces are sealed off from the chill below.

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Insulate the floors by adding materials to them and consider layering new insulation on top of the old if it is worn out. Plus, seal all of the doors and windows by replacing worn-out weather stripping.  

Air Temperature Control 

A programmable thermostat can help you save energy in winter by reducing your bill. The device will turn on the heating as per a pre-set schedule. Plus, they can also store and repeat settings several times a day which you can change manually later.

For example, you can easily save on your energy bill in the winter if you set your thermostat to 68°F while you are awake and reduce it while you are asleep or away from your home. 

Turn Off Appliances That Are Not In Use

Almost 10% of your bill comes from appliances that you think you have turned off. Whether it’s your toaster, electric oven, or even lamps, all of them are sucking up your electricity while they are powered off. Other common standby electrical vampires include your television, cable box, DVR, garage door opener, gaming console, TVs, and even stereos. 

The solution is simple. Lower electric bill in winter by making sure these are switched off and the power plug is removed from the socket when they are not in use. That is the only way these appliances will be off the grid so to speak.   

Annual Heating System Inspection 

Number four on our list of heating energy-saving tips is an annual inspection. Your HVAC system runs year-round, so naturally, it will break down at some point if it is not maintained regularly. An annual inspection will ensure that it will work when it needs to and you won’t have to worry about costly repairs.

A yearly inspection will also ensure your family remains safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. This can happen if the heat exchanger in the furnace cracks and allows the deadly gas to escape. A visit from McCarrick Electric should be on your to-do list if you think your heating system is acting up and if you want to save energy in winter. They will also spot cracks that your untrained eyes may miss. 

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Eliminate Heat Loss in the Fireplace

A blazing fireplace can seem relaxing, but it is also bleeding you dry when it comes to your energy bill. So, how to save on electricity in winter if you have a fireplace? Prevent that from happening by installing a fireplace insert or by placing a glass barrier in front of it. Since inserts are closed systems, they get hotter and can radiate more heat than a fireplace. 

If you like an open fire, retrofit it to enhance its efficiency. This will involve a deep firebox that can radiate more heat and it also has vents that draw air from the outside. So make sure your fireplace is not only running well but also safely so you can remain warm without worry. 

For More Energy Tips for Winter, Get in Touch

We hope that these 5 ways to save energy at home helped you figure out how to reduce electricity bill in winter, but you need to act fast. With winter right around the corner, you should take action to reduce your energy bills before it is too late. No need to do all of the aforementioned tips yourself. Just hire the professionals at McCarrick Electric.

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